Olive oil first of all

The olive tree has always been the heart and strongest passion of our Company.

Oil is, therefore, the outcome. What gratifies us most of all is to produce a good oil, sell a high quality product, and receive favourable reaction from those who know us and by all who continue to trust us.

“Villa Uva” organic extra-virgin olive oil is a brand which originates from the 19th century villa – named indeed Villa Uva – which is the heart of the whole Company. It is produced excusively from olives harvested in the unique territory of our property. For this reason our production is in limited quantity.

In fact, as a Company we choose to concentrate on quality, keeping intact the original and specific characteristics of local autochthonous  cultivars, and marketing only what is produced year by year in our olive grove.


Characteristics of the product

Our research is directed towards an extra-virgin oil which generates new and particular feelings differing from a product which is limited to respecting the standard commercial parameters established by current regulations.

One of the primary objectives of our Company is to guarantee the value of the identity of olive varieties grown on our agricultural territory. The varietal census of the whole olive area has produced a map which has enabled the recuperation of a patrimony of autochthonous cultivars whose particular value is to produce extra-virgin oils with distinct sensorial perceptions and organoleptic contents which generate a speciality which are not to be found in other olive producing areas.

The strong link with the territory, its history, its culture and its traditions contribute to defining the identity of “Villa Uva” organic extra-virgin olive oil.

While the mono-varietal oils represent the most genuine expression of territorial specificity, the blend product is intended to be the expression of market taste and demand, as well as of a continuously evolving  research.

 During the oil season 2015 three typologies of extra-virgin organic oil have been produced:

“Villa Uva” extra-virgin organic olive oil – monocultivar Coratina

“Villa Uva” extra-virgin organic olive oil – monocultivar Peranzana

“Villa Uva” extra-virgin organic olive oil – Blend