Dear friends and clients,

Once again I have pleasure in informing you of the results obtained in the BIOL International Prize competition (21th edition) in which I have participated with the oil I produce: “Villa Uva” extra-virgin organic olive oil.

BIOL Prize  is “simply” the prize reserved to the best extra-virgin organic oils in the world … an international competition which this year has compared a final selection of as many as 401 oils coming from 16 countries of all the five continents, which every year take part in the examination performed by international taste groups and by chemical laboratories selected and/or instituted by BIOL, in order to offer a complete, reliable and updated review of the reality of organic oil in the world. BIOL is therefore the most important competition in the world for olive culture, not only organic.

Here are the results:

BIOL2016_coccarda EXTRAGOLD MEDAL to monocultival Peranzana

SILVER MEDAL to monocultivar Coratina.

Again wonderful results which confirm that the oils I produce have resulted to be of first class from the chemical analytical test and have received from the final jury such a score as to deserve to be inserted, together with few others, in the 2016 BIOL GUIDE which promotes and describes the best extra-virgin organic oils in the world produced in the year 2015-2016.

Furthermore, this year, for the second consecutive time we have also been awarded an EXTRAGOLD MEDAL, which is a recognition of absolute excellence by the international jury and places me in top position among the best producers of extra-virgin organic olive oil in Apulia, a region which is the largest and most important producer of extra-virgin olive oil in the world.

The importance of the recognitions we have received is the confirmation that one can work “cultivating quality”, even though in such unfavourable years as the last one: to keep on investing rigorously in prevention, control and knowledge, with passion, commitment and perseverance, with a view also to the safeguard and protection of the exceptional oil patrimony which we must preserve through time.

It is a pleasure to constantly share with all of you my happiness for these results, also because – as I never get tired of saying – to produce a good oil, to sell a quality product, to receive favourable reactions from those who know me and from all those who continue to trust me, is what gives me most pleasure of all.

All my very best wishes and my very best thanks to all of you,

Emidio Alvisi