As in previous years, the two organic extra virgin mono-cultivar olive oils produced by Villa Uva, “Villa Uva” extra-virgin CORATINA and “Villa Uva” extra-virgin PERANZANA, have been favourably evaluated once again this year, in the 12th National Review of mono-variety oils.

“The National Review of mono-variety olive oils intends to underline the value of Italian patrimony of olive oil production and the specific characters of authochthonous mono-variety oils. It is not a competition, like many others both at the national and international level, which have the purpose of evaluating the best and most harmonious oil. Rather, it aims at contributing to the characterization of mono-variety olive oils obtained from the numerous authocthonous Italian varieties. The chemical and organoleptic characters of such oils are linked to the genetic patrimony and to the soil and climate specificity of the territory where they have been produced for centuries. These oils are not to be compared one with the other in order of priority. Their appreciation often  depends on the taste of the consumer and on the possibility of using them in combination with various types of gastronomic specialties. Each variety, from the north to the south of Italy, has its own specificities (aroma, taste, acid and phenolic composition). These are in turn positive for some aspects, less for others, but they are at any rate valid within their own cultivation environment, in which ambit they should be promoted and enhanced.

Mono-variety olive oils represent a point of departure for the chemical and sensorial characterization of the product. Once their potentialities are understood, they may be valued as they are, counting on their own peculiarities, or in combination with other varieties, with proposed and openly declared “blends”. Either on their own or in combination, various typologies of oil are defined (often distinguished by DOP/GIP categories) which respond to dynamic, continuously evolving, market demand. (from the site

The recognition obtained in the context of the 12th National Review of mono-variety oils rewards one of the primary objectives of our Company, to underline and enhance the value of the varieties of olive oils existing in our land, as well as to recover a patrimony of authochtonous cultivars. Their specificity is precisely to produce extra-virgin oils with distinguished sensorial perception and organoleptic contents – such as those of Coratina and Peranzana–  which  give them a character that is not found in other production areas. And all this we attempt to achieve with constant commitment, research, labour and good will.

In the context of this review, “Villa Uva” extra-virgin organic oil – monocultivar  Peranzana has been awarded special recognition as an Oil of excellence among the most prominently represented monovarietal typologies. Theoils recognized as ‘excellent’ were only 7 of 186 samples submitted.

Up to now, while  “Villa Uva” mono-variety oils represent the best expression of the unique character of our oil production territory, the “Villa Uva”  blend  is meant to give expression to our research for continuing progress and improvement in response to market demand and preferences.

Emidio Alvisi

Our oils will be included and described in the National Catalogue of Mono-variety oils ( which is published yearly by Edagricole – Il Sole 24 Ore and in the ‘Showcase of italian Mono-variety oils’( The Catalogue will furthermore be annexed to the review “Olivo&Olio” which will be selectively distributed to restaurants and oil collection venues on a national scale.