Extra-virgin organic olive oil
Monocultivar Coratina

We choose to concentrate on quality, keeping intact the original and specific characteristics of local autochthonous cultivars, and marketing only what is produced year by year in our olive grove. Our research is directed towards an extra-virgin oil which generates new and particular feelings differing from a product which is limited to respecting the standard commercial parameters established by current regulations.

Organoleptic characteristics

“Balanced” extra-virgin olive oil.
Fruity types: “medium green”, “medium bitter”, “medium spicy”.
Aroma: fruity olive medium and green, characterized by tones of fresh green almond, with light undertones thistle.
Flavour: distinct medium bitter and medium spicy notes, with good harmony; persistent medium aromatic undertones of green vegetables and thistle.
Colour: yellow with green reflexes.

In the kitchen

All roasted and grilled dishes, such as grilled toasts, fish, seafood, shellfish, red meat. Soups, legumes, cooked vegetables of bitter or distinct flavour, such as chicory and rocket. Fresh cheeses and dairyproducts
An ideal combination
With a typical Apulian pasta dish, hand made orecchiette con cime di rapa (turnip tops).

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