In line with the organic principles we adhere to, we are committed to ensuring that our environmental impact is lighter and lighter on our land. This is why in order to secure energetic supply we have installed a photovoltaic system of about 10Kw for energy exchange on the spot which makes us self-sufficient with respect to living and hospitality as well as in all operational activities of the company.
From the beginning we have been collecting precious rain water by directing it into a cistern which acts as a reservoir for the irrigation of the vegetable garden, of fruit trees and for the provision of drinking water for courtyard animals.


As for the treatment of rubbish, we effect a scrupulous differentiated collection and transform organic refuse into compost used to fertilize the vegetable garden. Special refuse collection is managed through an ad hoc arrangement with a company specialized in this sector.
To increase biodiversity of the countryside which hosts us we have adopted soil management methods which respect the environment, through permanent natural herbal regeneration (with local original varieties) on all fields. This enables us to induce a self regenerating process of organic substance and the improvement of all nutritional and structural conditions in the earth, as well as to reach a good equilibrium between pests and their natural enemies, with consequent reduction in the use of pesticides. Finally, it leads to a better landscape impact.


At the same time, we also try to manage in a satisfactory manner the surface not directly devoted to olive production by inserting small ecological niches, such as special herbal species, bushes, trees, groups of stones and wood, artificial nests which offer a place of refuge, rest and feeding for animals such as insects (predators and/or parasitoids), arthropods, birds, chiropters, amphibian and small reptiles.