Because organic cultivation of agricultural products does not just mean obtaining a certifying label to better sell a product, whilst doing nothing in the field and leaving things as they are.
Because growing food products with organic agricultural methods means investing in the best agronomic practices, so as to maintain the agro-ecosystem in equilibrium and harmony.
Because it enables preservation and creates the conditions for high biodiversity.
Because it means, most of all, giving up the use of synthetic chemical substances, such as fertilizers, herbicides, fungicides, insecticides and, in general, pesticides.
Because it means producing high quality olive which satisfies consumers’ demand for products obtained with methods which are sustainable for the environment, as well as for men and animals.

Because it ensures a good quality of life.

Because, in respect of future generations, natural and environmental resources employed for production and consumption are managed in a socially and environmentally equitable manner.
Because the principle of equity permits that systems of production, distribution and marketing are transparent and truly reflect social and environmental costs.
Because it entails better exchange of information between farmer and consumer, with respect to the product and the cultivation method.
Because productivity can be enhanced by reconsidering existing methods and adopting new participative and transparent processes.
Because we prefer it and have faith in it.