Don Gaetano Uva implanted vines and olive trees in an area of approximately 22 acres near the historic town of Lucera, in the Province of Foggia, and commissioned Architect Giuseppe Barone to plan and build a country house.

progetto villa uva



On 31 December 1882 “Villa Uva” was inaugurated. Villa Uva is a splendid house in Moorish style,which in recent times has become the Company’s centre.



Upon don Gaetano’s death, his daughters continued to frequent Villa Uva up to the Second World War.


During the war all activities were interrupted. The Villa was occupied first by German and then allied troops, and as a result was left in disastrous state. The Villa then remained closed for years, until the proprietors decided to sell it. They chose as buyers their friends Dr. Michele Darco and Dr. Eudora Danza, husband and wife.


Dr. Eudora Danza restored the house back to its previous state with love and competence.


Thus, Villa Uva lives again and has become a place and symbol of hospitality and friendship.
Agricultural activities also started once again with renewed enthusiasm, thanks to what had always been the greatest passion of Dr. Darco: olive trees! Day after day, he himself took care of the existing plants with competence and implanted new trees, eliminating the combination with vines, thus specializing the company in olive plantation only. Thanks to the additional plants, the area achieved an extension of approximately 75 acres with more than 5,000 olive plants of different varieties.



A few days after having been chosen as the location for a film (“Ti voglio bene Eugenio”), the villa and the company were “visited” by burglars who, in a single night, stripped it of everything: furniture, equipment, machinery, decorations and accessories. This was a hard blow: once again the villa, and this time the firm as well, closed down.


After Dr. Darco’s passing away, his wife decided to carry on all the same taking care of the land and the olive trees, which had been her husband’s great passion.

Villa Uva


In collaboration with her nephew, Emidio Alvisi, Dr. Eudora Danza brought back the villa once again to its pristine splendor and entrusted Emidio with the revival and the management of the company.

After three and a half years of conservative restoration (see link on page ….), on 3rd March 2012 “Villa Uva” is inaugurated once again, more beautiful than ever and ready to be, as always, open to friends from yesterday and today – and to whoever wishes to enjoy its hospitality and take part in its life.


At the same time, Emidio has been carrying forward with great commitment the shared passion for olive trees. Resuming and re-organizing all the activities of the company.
To this effect, he invests all the available resources on the production and marketing of extra-virgin organic olive oil, produced exclusively from the trees growing on the land that he manages.


2010 - 2015

In 2010 the “Società agricola Villa Uva S.R.L.” was created and so the Company was transformed from a firm which produced exclusively olives for direct consumption and oil production into one that produces on its own both olives and olive oil: production and marketing of olives for direct consumption continues, whereas olives specifically suitable for oil extraction are all destined to the production of extra-virgin olive oil.
Training and up-dating of personnel, continuing specialization in the particular sector, investment in the best technologies available for the production/consumption chain, sharing experience and knowledge with other important producers, opening up to new markets, are all elements which contribute to enabling our product to assert itself and to have the brand “Villa Uva” recognized both in Italy and elsewhere.
At the same time other initiatives are taken, including organization of meetings and training courses, information and sensitization meetings on technical and general aspects on olives and olive oil, as well as development of partnerships, cooperation and research with universities and public and private institutions.
The villa becomes a centre for farm holidays, and comfortable accommodation for teachers and participants in the various events.
Meanwhile, numerous prizes and recognition are awarded to “Villa Uva” extra-virgin organic oil, repeating year after year, both on the national and international level.


The basket of products called “Villa Uva alchemy” has been successfully enriched with Biscuits made with the extra-virgin organic olive oil produced within the firm.