Organic certification

Our Company has been certified by ICEA (Institute for Ethical and Environmental Certification) since 2005. The Institute (recognized by the Ministry for Agricultural Policies on the basis of Regulation Nr. CE 834/07) is internationally recognized and aims at fostering equitable and sustainable development within the sector of organic agriculture.

We are therefore subject to regular inspections by the same Institute. The purpose of the inspections is to ensure conformity to the rules. They are carried out at every step of the production chain of organic agriculture, thus ensuring consumers the certainty that they are buying an organic product checked in accordance with European guidelines.
In order to ensure transparency and control, consumers can verify our products and the related certifications in real time. If you dial (on line service area – firms and products research) and digit the code which appears on the label of the product you have acquired (n.PF0853), you can verify if it is really an organic product certified as such by ICEA and obtain the main references concerning the producing Company (name, address, contacts etc.).
This same service enables you to verify the validity of the certificates issued by ICEA, so as to prevent cases of fraud. This way you can check if the certificate issued by ICEA is authentic and regular.


Since 2005




All the processing steps are systematically checked by our Company.
The Company avails itself not only of its own experience and knowledge, but also of the competence of well known external professionals and publicly recognized laboratories, which effect a strict and constant check of the quality of the product and of the adherence to correct hygienic practices during the various phases of preparation, handling and transport.
These follow a strict control plan of the entire production process and of the adherence to prevention of health hazards, as envisaged in article 5 of EC Reg. n.852/04, concerning the rules of hygiene of food products.

Thus, we are convinced that we can offer the best guarantee to our customers, since the control of the entire chain becomes credible only if it can be followed and certified.