In 2011 Villa Uva Agricultural Company commissioned to the Department of Biology and Agro-Forestal Chemistry of the University of Bari a one-year research project coordinated by Prof. Giuseppe Gambacorta, directed at optimizing the process of production of extra-virgin olive oil and its quality control.
The main objective of the project was to direct the production process towards achieving high quality extra-virgin oils – mono-varietal and blended – certified by the verification of chemical, physical and sensorial characteristics.
Another objective was to produce and propose to the market mono-varietal oils, each with specific characters (fruitiness, bitterness, spiciness), by selecting whole and perfectly ripened olives. At the same time, to produce, through a careful process of blending mono-varietal oils, an extra-virgin olive oil correctly balanced from the chemical and sensorial viewpoints – and customized, i.e. with careful consideration of consumers’ requirements.
At the end of the research program we have published on our site the results we considered most interesting for the attention of consumers, and useful for a soundly based choice among the various typologies of extra-virgin oils produced by the Company.